Sizes available : 46” 56”

Introducing Fanco Tributo

This sleek, modern fan is equipped with a 36-watt LED light that's extremely bright and energy-savvy. With a Last Memory Function, simply switch on the fan with a remote control to your last function without making any changes to the settings.

Built using 100% ABS blades, you get to enjoy maximum airflow distribution without compromising on efficiency and your home aesthetic. Plus, the DC Brushless Motor ensures a silent operation for maximum control and high durability.

If peace and serenity are what you're looking for, the Fanco Tributo may just be the fan for you.

4-year onsite warranty (For all parts & labour)
Lifetime warranty on motor


Keep your cool with a fan that's as quiet as you. Fanco Fan has been around since 1998 and we've sold over 400,000 fans in Singapore. Choose from 3 distinct colours and get a 4-year onsite warranty (for all parts & labour).

  • 100% ABS Blades - Maximises airflow distribution
  • Remote Control with Last Memory Function - Eases fan operation
  • DC Brushless Motor - Maximises control and durability
  • 36-watt LED Light Voltage - Brightens rooms at lower electricity consumption
  • LED Lights (Day/Warm/Cool White) - 3 ways to light up the room
  • 6 Speeds Reversible - Adjustable fan speed for maximum comfort
  • Temperature Sensor Control - Automates fan speed based on surrounding temperatures*4 Years Onsite Warranty (for all parts & labour)
    *Lifetime Warranty on Motor
    *Colours available: Black, White, Wood
    *Sizes Available: 46” & 56”