How do I know that size fan to purchase as there are so many sizes available?

When choosing ceiling fan, you need to consider leaving space for blades to wall side / L-Box side / Cabinet roughly 45 – 60 cm (1.5 – 2FT).

For example: Wall | ceiling fan size | Wall

How much electricity will a fan draw?

Normally ceiling fan will consume 30 watt to 55 watt.

Where can I locate the model number of the ceiling fan?

FANCO ceiling fan model number can be viewed on FANCO Warranty Card or Dealer Purchase Invoice.

I registered online warranty for the products I purchased. Do I still need proof of purchase?

Kindly keep a copy of your Invoice / Purchase Receipt as proof of purchase as this is required when you need to repair or service your fan with us.

I tried to fix my fan using a non-Fanco part. My fan worked for a while but now it is having problems, is the fan covered under warranty?

No, when non-FANCO part was used to fix on FANCO fan, all warranty will be void.

Do I need proof of purchase as part of the warranty process?

Yes, you need to present the Fanco Warranty Card and Dealer Purchase Invoice to Fanco technician when servicing is needed.

When can your technician come to service my fan?

We will arrange and response within a week for servicing of fan.

What is the warranty period of your fan?

Our fan’s motor is life-time warranty and parts will be one year warranty. Fanco Warranty Card and Dealer Purchase Invoice must be provided for servicing.

What are your operating hours?

Our operating hours are:
Monday to Fridays (9am to 6pm)
Saturday & Sundays and Public Holidays (Closed)