COVID-19 Prevention: Improve Your Air Circulation & Ventilation At Home With Ceiling Fans

Amid the Wuhan Coronavirus (now renamed as COVID-19), many Singaporeans are getting more cautious and mindful about disinfecting their homes and practising good hygiene.

However, just disinfection and cleaning of common spaces are not enough. Viruses and bacteria will still be reproduced because of human activity.

One other measure we can take, at home or in the office, is to have better air circulation and ventilation.

A Harvard University Professor has recently written on Financial Times that good air ventilation can help with virus and bacteria prevention. The American Lung Association supports that as well.

How Ceiling Fans Can Help At Home & In The Office

Almost every house in Singapore has a good air-conditioning system, but some air-conditioners recycle indoor air.

What this means is that viruses and bacteria in the air of an air-conditioned room might stay in the room for a longer time as compared to a well-ventilated room.

That’s where turning on a ceiling fan, especially at home during the day, can help with virus prevention.

Sure, the weather is hot and humid in Singapore, but taking care of our health and lungs is very important as well.

Ceiling fans will “renew” the air in your home and other common spaces by circulating indoor and outdoor air, making sure you get fresh air.

Of course, practising good hygiene and disinfecting your home is still equally important amid the COVID-19 climate.

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