Beware Of Imitation Products Sold By Unauthorized Dealers

Dear Valued Customers & Dealers,

Please note that any FANCO or CO-FAN products sold by online platform Lazada sellers “aghsfytaf” and “WOKL STORE” and Carousell seller “ejelectronic will NOT be covered by any warranty by FANCO FAN MARKETING PTE LTD.

These unauthorized sellers copied the original pictures from our authorized dealers and posted up as their own, so beware.

Here are just some examples of the imitation products copied by “aghsfytaf” and “WOKL STORE” (original pictures belong to our authorized dealers):

We urge customers to avoid buying from “aghsfytaf”, “WOKL STORE” and other unauthorized dealers, especially if the products they’re selling are shipped from overseas.

All 100% authentic FANCO and CO-FAN products ship ONLY from Singapore.

There are many unauthorized dealers selling imitation products claiming to be from FANCO FAN MARKETING PTE LTD online.

Please beware of such sellers and if you’re unsure, always call our official hotline 6766 7277 to confirm with our service and sales staff.

Only Buy Your Ceiling Fans From FANCO’s Authorized Dealers

Visit any of our 5,000+ authorized dealers in Singapore. If you’re unsure, please call us 6766 7277 to confirm with our service and sales staff.