High-Quality, Easy controls and Technological Innovations. Affordable yet never compromising on performance and quality
π™€π™­π™©π™šπ™£π™™π™šπ™™!! 4 years warranty on site for all parts and labour charges.

Low Ceiling – Total Height of 188mm
The Hugger has a low profile design sitting flush on the ceiling ideal for those homes with a lower ceiling height. Perfect for low ceiling without compromising quality.

DC Brushless Motor
Highly Efficient, Compact and Lightweight Fan Motors Capable of Smooth Airflow

ABS Blade
ABS ceiling fans are super lightweight as they are made out of plastic. Best of all, no more scrubbing rust stains off of your ceiling fans. ABS ceiling fans are great if you’re wanting some great airflow throughout your home.

Remote Control with 6 Speed (Reversible)
With governing speed , reverse feature.

Lightkit (Optional)
24watt, Day, Warm, Cool

Available in 48″

Colour to choose from Black , White , Black wood

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